So Much Hot Air

Zach Pulse, oboe/ english horn/ sequins  


Jennifer Beattie, mezzo-soprano/ words/ belching

video shoot headshot.jpg

So Much Hot Air: an oboe & voice duo that uses their instruments, training and sense of humor to make weird, beautiful, unconventional, and heart-felt collaborations with all kinds of people who have all kinds of skills.  We met at the New Music on the Point festival in Vermont, where we connected through a love of nature, silliness, and the sound of our instruments together.  Our projects range from performing graphic scores at a scrap fire gathering to creating Mahler arrangements for voice, oboe/ english horn, viola and piano (performed at chamber music salons and scrap fires alike). Due to the portable nature of oboe and voice, we plan to make music in as many outdoor spaces as possible, all the while complaining about how the weather messes with our instruments.

We're new!  Here's some sound samples from our inaugural concert tour:

forest headshot.jpg